The Ottoman – A Superbly Comfortable Item of Furniture with French Origins

The Ottoman

Some of you may only be familiar with the word Ottoman due to certain history lessons that you would have attended during your youthful years; The Ottoman Empire & the Ottoman people was in past years, a long time ago, the name that referred to what or who we now know as Turkey and the Turkish people. It also should be made clear or I should state that their once was a firm allegiance between the French and the Ottoman’s (perhaps this also has something to do with how the Ottoman piece of furniture came to its current name), however this was also an incredibly long time ago – roughly 500 years ago in the 1600’s – 1700’s. Anyway, I am starting to digress far away from the purpose of this post which was to introduce to those of you who are not in the know, a stylish and elegant piece of furniture that will add extreme comfort, great character and a dash of je nais se quoi to a home.


The Ottoman is kind of in-between a sofa and a day-bed, and when it is made well it offers good support, a solid and smart look and at the same time its fitted padding/cushion is made to allow the user to sink into the unit and be warmed and comforted by a kind of hugging from the silky smooth material that is normally used for the cover. Some Ottomans however are fitted or made with a leather covering, while I prefer the fabric and the softer the better.

You can also find and purchase smaller styled Ottomans which are generally used as footstools and may sometimes be referred to a pouffe, some people may even use their smaller styled Ottomans as a kind of Coffee Table if that is what suits their home. I pretty much would always go for the larger, bed sized Ottoman if the space allows for it, and of course also my budget, and I have spent many hours enjoying a daytime read and snooze of many Ottomans during my years.