Maintaining A Clean & Healthy Bathroom At Home

Clean & Healthy Bathroom

I am pretty sure that most of you reading this will not entirely relate to what I am about to discuss, however it is something I feel quite strongly about and something I think that needs to be said; after spending quite a bit of time over in South East Asia and experiencing a different bathroom etiquette as far as doing ones business and taking care of cleaning oneself post doing-business, I can now not bare going to do a ‘number 2’ in a UK or a western toilet for that matter. You might now be thinking – ‘what on earth is he rambling on about now?’ however, if you have also spent time in South East Asia then I am almost certain that you will agree with me.

Ok, I will explain – in South East Asia you will find something that us westerners have come to call a ‘Bum Gun’ fitted to an additional water pipe attached to either the toilet or wall behind the toilet. This aptly named contraption is a hose with a type of jet spray fitted to the end of it, the purpose of this spray is to rinse and clean a person’s backside, post taking care of business. So, first you spray your bottom with water from this Bum Gun and then you wipe it with tissue, you can then repeat this action several times, until you are satisfied that your bottom is clean and dry. You can then continue to go about your day with ultimate comfort and confidence.  The alternative we have here in the UK and within most western cultures and countries is to just wipe ones bottom with a dry tissue repeatedly until you are kind of satisfied that you have a clean backside, or until it starts hurting so much that you just cannot bare wiping your sensitive area any longer; this must now be making very clear and logical sense to you? about why I am so on the side of the way things are done over in Thailand and neighboring countries to Thailand. For example, if you were out in the part playing football and you slipped and happened to fall so that your arm came into contact with some dog pooh  – would you quickly get some tissue, wipe your arm several times and then carry on playing football, or would you ensure you washed your arm with water (and probably soap) and then dried it before being satisfied that you had eliminated the problem? If any of you answer with the first option then I strongly question your hygiene.

So, for me I am certainly going to always be fitting these bum gun hoses to all bathrooms that are ever in a home I own, and don’t think I can ever go back to not using one. Am I alone on this or do any of you/all of you think the same?