Chahan Minassian – The master of French Furniture

Chahan Minassian

Chahan Minassian defines himself as an all-seeing eye, a creativity´s eye from his gallery in Paris.

He was born in Lebanon but has Armenian origins, he moved to France in 1976. This genius studied interior design in the French capital, Paris. After getting skills and proficiencies working as a creative director for Ralph Lauren, he started his own business opening an agency in 1993 and didn’t take long until he was known and acclaimed in the whole world.

Minassian focus in the space of the designed place to improve its circulation and movement or generate the environment that he desires. This designer has a weakness for exotic fabrics such as python or tortoiseshell but also antiques one as it can be stone and bronze. Everything has to be supported by the right illumination, a crucial factor for him. His style is warm with voluptuous mixing color like ivory, cream or beige.

Chahan Minassian Furniture

Chahan has design outstanding projects all over the world. Prove of this is the Hotel de Crillon. This is a luxury hotel in Paris. Its location is unbeatable since it is at the foot of the Champ-Elysees. The Hotel de Crillon feels like a museum thanks to Chahan Minassian. Minassian removed the rigidity from spaces like the high rococo salon turning it into a cocktail bar with low cylindrical sofas in sparkling grey crushed velvet and tables with semiprecious stones incrusted. Minassian gave the other areas a jewel box effect by inserting mica in the paneling. This hotel is truly a piece of art.

He has his own gallery in Paris at 11 Rue De Lille, where he shows his marked style mid-century French furniture collections and host exhibitions for the designers he represents.

Chahan has been awarded several times and won multiple exhibition and gallery contests. If you are interested in French furniture, you are, with no doubt, interested in Chahan Minassian