The Ottoman – A Superbly Comfortable Item of Furniture with French Origins

The Ottoman

Some of you may only be familiar with the word Ottoman due to certain history lessons that you would have attended during your youthful years; The Ottoman Empire & the Ottoman people was in past years, a long time ago, the name that referred to what or who we now know as Turkey and the Turkish people. It also should be made clear or I should state that their once was a firm allegiance between the French and the Ottoman’s (perhaps this also has something to do with how the Ottoman piece of furniture came to its current name), however this was also an incredibly long time ago – roughly 500 years ago in the 1600’s – 1700’s. Anyway, I am starting to digress far away from the purpose of this post which was to introduce to those of you who are not in the know, a stylish and elegant piece of furniture that will add extreme comfort, great character and a dash of je nais se quoi to a home.


The Ottoman is kind of in-between a sofa and a day-bed, and when it is made well it offers good support, a solid and smart look and at the same time its fitted padding/cushion is made to allow the user to sink into the unit and be warmed and comforted by a kind of hugging from the silky smooth material that is normally used for the cover. Some Ottomans however are fitted or made with a leather covering, while I prefer the fabric and the softer the better.

You can also find and purchase smaller styled Ottomans which are generally used as footstools and may sometimes be referred to a pouffe, some people may even use their smaller styled Ottomans as a kind of Coffee Table if that is what suits their home. I pretty much would always go for the larger, bed sized Ottoman if the space allows for it, and of course also my budget, and I have spent many hours enjoying a daytime read and snooze of many Ottomans during my years.




Chahan Minassian – The master of French Furniture

Chahan Minassian

Chahan Minassian defines himself as an all-seeing eye, a creativity´s eye from his gallery in Paris.

He was born in Lebanon but has Armenian origins, he moved to France in 1976. This genius studied interior design in the French capital, Paris. After getting skills and proficiencies working as a creative director for Ralph Lauren, he started his own business opening an agency in 1993 and didn’t take long until he was known and acclaimed in the whole world.

Minassian focus in the space of the designed place to improve its circulation and movement or generate the environment that he desires. This designer has a weakness for exotic fabrics such as python or tortoiseshell but also antiques one as it can be stone and bronze. Everything has to be supported by the right illumination, a crucial factor for him. His style is warm with voluptuous mixing color like ivory, cream or beige.

Chahan Minassian Furniture

Chahan has design outstanding projects all over the world. Prove of this is the Hotel de Crillon. This is a luxury hotel in Paris. Its location is unbeatable since it is at the foot of the Champ-Elysees. The Hotel de Crillon feels like a museum thanks to Chahan Minassian. Minassian removed the rigidity from spaces like the high rococo salon turning it into a cocktail bar with low cylindrical sofas in sparkling grey crushed velvet and tables with semiprecious stones incrusted. Minassian gave the other areas a jewel box effect by inserting mica in the paneling. This hotel is truly a piece of art.

He has his own gallery in Paris at 11 Rue De Lille, where he shows his marked style mid-century French furniture collections and host exhibitions for the designers he represents.

Chahan has been awarded several times and won multiple exhibition and gallery contests. If you are interested in French furniture, you are, with no doubt, interested in Chahan Minassian

Another Fantastic Stylish Range of French Home Furniture

French Home Furniture

Staying on the same theme of French styled home furniture I think it is certainly necessary that I bring another range of home furniture to your attention that is elegant, stylish, well made and oozing with character. The range I am referring to is called La Roque and it offers a great variety of different furniture units that will be suitable for numerous rooms of one’s home. The La Roque home furniture collection of stunning units are made from Mahogany which is regarded by many as the premier choice of wood, and each unit is finished impeccably with a fine mid-gloss lacquer to give the finishing touch to units that are simply first class all the way. The units are made to last a lifetime and each has been hand made with every attention being given to detailing to the end result being a range that will turn heads and attract attention from anyone with good taste.

French Home Furniture

You will be please to know that the La Roque furniture range is also one that cares and pays attention to the environment, and the Mahogany wood used to craft each unit is taken from a plantation that is built on sustainability. If you are wondering where to find this range of French styled home furniture, then I can help you with that too – again I can point you in the direction of the Bathrooms and More Store – they do not only specialize in Bathroom Furniture, they actually also supply top quality furniture units for any and all rooms at home. They have a section of the website that is totally dedicated to the La Roque furniture range, so you should find everything you are looking for right there. Also an added bonus is in the pricing offered when shopping online at the Bathrooms and More Store; they are a business that is totally online and so they do not have to spend vast amounts on the overheads that come with having a physical store or furniture warehouse, and they very kindly share some of the savings they make from not having the physical store with their valued customers by lowering their furniture prices. So happy shopping and I hope you find what you are in need of.

A Great Place To Shop Online For French Style Furniture

french style furniture

For all of you French furniture enthusiasts living in the UK and having trouble finding a good place to purchase the right units for your home, you will be very pleased when reading this post, as I have stumbled across the perfect place for all of you to check out and I am pretty sure that all, or most of you will find a few things that really suit your tastes and will fit nicely into one or two or more rooms of your French styled home. The place I am referring to, is in fact an online store that is family owned by a group living in Birkenhead, in the UK. The website is called the Bathrooms and More Store, but don’t let the name and their brand fool you, as they actually stock and sell a wide range of furniture of various different styles and a variety of options to choose between for all rooms of a home.

The family owned Bathrooms and More Store did originally just focus on the Bathroom Furniture market, but they grew from their success in that niche market to expand their online shop to now cater for anything someone might want or need for their home. They have also further expanded their furniture units recently to offer an array of different styles to suit some very different tastes. One of the new styles and tastes they are catering for happens to be French styled furniture, which is evident by them adding three new furniture collections to their growing number of furniture collections available within the website, and all three new collections are focused on the French design and style furniture. The Provence furniture collection in particular is one that is very popular and comprises of some fantastic furniture pieces. The units have elegant designs and have been carefully crafted with great attention being given to the finer details. Each unit has also been finished in a tempered white paint to give it an authentic French look and feel.

french style furniture

The added bonus when buying from this shop online, is that they are totally online and so they are able to offer their customers some price points that you will be hard pushed to find anywhere else. They save money from not having a physical store and they have very kindly shared the savings they have made to their customers, by keeping their furniture units at low, low prices. Take a look for yourself, and you can thank me later.

Maintaining A Clean & Healthy Bathroom At Home

Clean & Healthy Bathroom

I am pretty sure that most of you reading this will not entirely relate to what I am about to discuss, however it is something I feel quite strongly about and something I think that needs to be said; after spending quite a bit of time over in South East Asia and experiencing a different bathroom etiquette as far as doing ones business and taking care of cleaning oneself post doing-business, I can now not bare going to do a ‘number 2’ in a UK or a western toilet for that matter. You might now be thinking – ‘what on earth is he rambling on about now?’ however, if you have also spent time in South East Asia then I am almost certain that you will agree with me.

Ok, I will explain – in South East Asia you will find something that us westerners have come to call a ‘Bum Gun’ fitted to an additional water pipe attached to either the toilet or wall behind the toilet. This aptly named contraption is a hose with a type of jet spray fitted to the end of it, the purpose of this spray is to rinse and clean a person’s backside, post taking care of business. So, first you spray your bottom with water from this Bum Gun and then you wipe it with tissue, you can then repeat this action several times, until you are satisfied that your bottom is clean and dry. You can then continue to go about your day with ultimate comfort and confidence.  The alternative we have here in the UK and within most western cultures and countries is to just wipe ones bottom with a dry tissue repeatedly until you are kind of satisfied that you have a clean backside, or until it starts hurting so much that you just cannot bare wiping your sensitive area any longer; this must now be making very clear and logical sense to you? about why I am so on the side of the way things are done over in Thailand and neighboring countries to Thailand. For example, if you were out in the part playing football and you slipped and happened to fall so that your arm came into contact with some dog pooh  – would you quickly get some tissue, wipe your arm several times and then carry on playing football, or would you ensure you washed your arm with water (and probably soap) and then dried it before being satisfied that you had eliminated the problem? If any of you answer with the first option then I strongly question your hygiene.

So, for me I am certainly going to always be fitting these bum gun hoses to all bathrooms that are ever in a home I own, and don’t think I can ever go back to not using one. Am I alone on this or do any of you/all of you think the same?

What is French Styled Furniture?

French Styled Furniture

What is it that comes to your mind when someone mentions ‘French Furniture’? Do you start imagining the sophisticated, elegant designs that would be typical for the aristocrats in Paris, or do you instead conger up images of old, antiqued, country feeling furniture designs, units and items that would be common throughout that larger portion of the population and of course be more affordable? Or perhaps your mind goes blank, as you do not know what French furniture looks like as you perhaps have never visited France, nor studied French designs while going through education.

French Furniture can come as two different main styles and one is the elegant, luxurious designs of furniture that were made for the upper markets, originally designed for King and court and the rich upper bourgeoisie. This sophisticated design on French furniture will be very well made, expertly crafted and comprising of delightful, fine artwork within the furniture units. The edging will be professionally finished and the paintwork will consist of fine brushed interesting artistic designs within the main base colour that will have been distressed to add more character to the units.

French Styled Furniture

A typical furniture unit to come across when discussing French furniture is the dressing tables/dressing units, chest of drawers and a favourite of mine would be the ottomans. The dressing units will frequently come fitted with a Mirror and also be part of a Chair & Unit package as the owner would want to sit on the chair and stare into the mirror while doing their make-up, prior to going out to the annual ballroom dance, the units come in various shapes and sizes and will usually be standing on interesting designed feet on each corner. The ottomans are great for when one is feeling lazy and relaxed and wants to neither sit nor lie down. They are usually extremely comfortable and will add a touch of class to the room they are located within.

A Furniture Range That Will Quench Your Thirst for French Home Furniture

A Furniture Range That Will Quench Your Thirst for French Home Furniture

Some of the UK market is mad about French styled furniture; they will search high and low for specific items of furniture that will all have a similar French edging, so that they all closely match each other. They will then slowly add more of the same or a highly similar furniture collection, so that eventually every single furniture unit and home fitting is French styled. If this is done well, with high quality, well-made pieces of furniture, then it can actually be very attractive. For someone that is not familiar with French looking furniture, or French styled homes, then it can be quite interesting and for sure, very impressive.

There are of course a reasonable amount of French expats living across the UK whom will be making up a large percentage of these French furniture enthusiasts that I am referring to. I can see why the French furniture ranges can be so adored and how one can become quite obsessive about only fitting their property, or their room with French furniture collections and nothing else; there tends to be a lot of detail and styling applied to most French furniture items and the units can help add more character & class to the home they get fitted in. You will notice that many of the French furniture collections come painted as almost entirely white, which is what you will find is the main colour theme in a lot of authentic French homes; the white furniture gives a feeling of more space, a higher level of cleanliness and for some odd reason, it also connotes wealth.

A Furniture Range That Will Quench Your Thirst for French Home Furniture

If you are someone that is looking for some French furniture units for your home and perhaps you are a bit stuck with finding everything you want and need then I can help point you in the right direction with recommendations for a few French furniture collections that I know of that will fit your bill – Have a search around for:

  • The Bordeaux Furniture Range
  • The Provence Home Furniture Collection
  • The Halifax Range of Home Furniture (this last suggestion is slightly less of a French style, but still is all painted White – so you may be able to slot it in with the rest of the units in your home without anyone batting an eyelid.

So, off you go and enjoy, I am confident you will be pleased with what you find.

Transform Your Kitchen With The Addition Of A Kitchen Island

Transform Your Kitchen With The Addition Of A Kitchen Island

If any of you already proudly own and enjoy the luxury that a kitchen island can bring to your home, then you will understand why I am suggesting that all kitchens (size permitting) should come with the kitchen island already fitted, as an essential kitchen unit. This one extra fitting in your kitchen can offer so much and make the whole kitchen/cooking experience much more enjoyable.

Like with most home furnishings, kitchen islands come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, most of the time though, they will be fitted into the kitchen, built in so that they are unmovable or not meant to be moved around, but you can also find kitchen islands that are built with wheels attached. The mobile type of kitchen island that will usually be referred to as a kitchen island cart is a variation of this convenient kitchen unit that will usually come at a lower, more affordable price, as well as their size usually being smaller too.  If you have the space and the budget though, I highly recommend that you consider investing into a large, fitted kitchen island with all the mod cons you desire attached. For example, you can choose a design that is complete with a set of gas or electric hobs, a large stone top work surface for conveniently preparing meals, a set of drawers and one or two storage cupboards and even some space designed for neatly fitting your washing machine and dryer. So, although the kitchen island units can be relatively large in size, they certainly make up for it with the impressive storage space that they offer.

Transform Your Kitchen With The Addition Of A Kitchen Island

I really could not do without having a kitchen island, as I have become used to owning one and enjoying the numerous benefits that come with it. I honestly would be put off purchasing a new home if it did not have one, or didn’t have the space to fit one in. I also think this would be the same for many of you, but many of you just don’t know if yet, because unfortunately you have never had the good fortune of owning one. I hope I have helped with inspiring some ideas for those of you that are working on renovating a home, or about to start in the new future. I am sure you will be thanking me if you decide to take this recommendation on and fit your kitchen with your own island ,

If You Are A Wine Lover Then You Should Buy Yourself A Wine Rack

If You Are A Wine Lover Then You Should Buy Yourself A Wine Rack

I am sure that some of you wine enthusiasts reading this post already own a wine rack or two; maybe some of you have even gone to the lengths of designing and fitting your very own wine cellar, however even with the impressive wine cellar you would likely agree that investing in another smaller option for storing your wine is by no means going to be a waste of your hard earned money. Not only will the 1 piece wine rack item of home furniture be an alternative storage place for your wine, making it more conveniently accessible (you would not need to go all the way down into the cellar every time you wanted to open another bottle for you and your guests), but it can be a great looking unit of furniture that will good taste and character to the room you place it within, actually it will help support the entire home to exude a touch of class to anyone who might be visiting. Some styles of wine rack storage units are made in such a way as to also provide the owner with a surface top that is suitable to use as a lamp table or somewhere that you could place a picture frame or perhaps an indoor plant or potted flowers. Just make sure you don’t choose to use the wine rack as your bedside table as it might lead to you developing a drink problem; seeing your fine selection of wine first thing in the morning and then the last thing at night, might be too much temptation.

If You Are A Wine Lover Then You Should Buy Yourself A Wine Rack

If you do have a collection of good, to high quality wines at home and you are now considering going out to find the wine rack for you, then my advice would be to first count up the number of bottles you have in your collection. Then, you need to give some honest thought towards what you expect to do with the current collection, as well as what number of wines you expect to add to it in the coming months/years. Also you should think about where you will be placing your wine rack and measure up that space, leaving walking space on each side and perhaps also the back and front too. You now will be totally prepared to start your search for the perfect storage solution for your wine collection, and at the same time be adding a classy furniture unit to your home. I am sure you will soon be receiving complements about the wine rack and almost certain that you will love that.

How to Protect & Maintain a Leather Sofa

How to Protect & Maintain a Leather Sofa

A leather sofa is an item of furniture that you buy with the hope that it will last you a lifetime due to how pricey they are. In fact, if properly maintain and looked after, your leather sofa can continue looking and feeling great for many more years after you have already passed on to pastures new. Leather is a luxurious material that should be treated with a sense of royalty, respect it and it will be with you for the long-term; mistreat it at your peril. The longer that it stays with you, the better it can look with the right king of treatments. So, you should have some methods or ways to protect it, as ultimately it will be far more cost efficient to look after your current leather sofa, rather than having to buy a new one after a handful of years. If you are eager to learn about these methods, continue your reading, and this article will enlighten you!

The first method for keeping your leather sofa in good shape is by using your good old regular dry-cloth. Why use this you might ask? This is one of the best ways to keep the surface clean & remove any unwanted dust! However, this method can only be used if your usage of the leather sofa is quite reasonable and nothing too heavy. If, on the other hand you tend to constantly be using the leather sofa as well as expect certain spillages and stains, then the dry-cloth will unfortunately not be enough. If using the dry cloth method, you just need to wipe down the surfaces and also get into the crevices to remove all the collected bits of dust and dirt. It is best to pair the dry-cloth with your vacuum cleaner as it will provide the much-needed suction power to the cleaning process. Try to set your vacuum cleaner to a low setting when cleaning to avoid damaging the sofa, but you can set it to high if you are trying to reach a place where the dust is heavily infested.

How to Protect & Maintain a Leather Sofa

The second way is for maintenance purposes and is required by all leather sofa owners. A leather conditioner is highly recommended to keep the leather shiny and in good health. If your leather sofa looks dull and sad, try using a good leather conditioner on the sofa, and you will definitely start to feel the difference right away within a day or two. However, you cannot just use it whenever you feel like. It is recommended that you apply the leather conditioner every 6 to 12 months, depending on your usage. By doing this, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful leather sofa for years to come.

The third method is purely for protecting your leather from a threat that will inevitably damage that excellent leather sofa of yours. Try to observe your positioning of the leather sofa at home and check if it is exposed to the sun or not. If it is highly exposed to the sun, it could cause your leather to fade. So, it is best to avoid the direct sunlight from hitting your sofa.

The fourth method is actually more of a contingency plan, to be prepared in the case that there are minor spills on your precious leather sofa. If there ever are any spillages on the surface of the leather sofa, quickly grab a clean absorbent cloth or sponge and wipe the liquid out immediately. If the spill is difficult to remove, you can try to use clean lukewarm water to soak into the location of the spillage, and then leave the damp area to dry naturally. The main thing to remember for when anything is spilled onto the sofa is that it is essential to take care of the spill quickly to avoid any long term damage.